What is NS#59 error in LNS/LonMaker? (KB413)

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I am receiving the NS #59 error when I attempt to commission a device via LonMaker or LNS. What does this mean and how can I resolve it?


Here is the explanation for the error message.


The new program interface does not match the previously defined program interface; i.e., the number of network variables, message tags, or the structure of self identification data is inconsistent, even though the program IDs match. This error may also be seen if the SelfDocConsistency property of a DeviceTemplate object is set to a value that conflicts with the configurations of the devices using that template.

Therefore, you should check that the program interface imported to the LNS database matches the one defined in the physical device.

If you are using the LonMaker tool, go to the LonMaker menu and select "Device templates" and remove the old device template. Next, import the updated XIF that matches the interface on the actual device you are trying to commission.

If you still get the same error, even after you re-import the XIF, contact the device manufacturer to receive the correct XIF or firmware to load onto the device.

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