What is the latest LonMaker type Integration tool (LonMaker, CT)? (KB989)

IzoT Commission Tool (IzoT CT) is the latest Integration Tool.

LonMaker (3.13) > LonMaker Turbo (3.24)> OpenLNS CT > IzoT CT


Additional Information: In general. new features and bug fixes, and Windows OS support are only made to the latest Integration Tool versions.

Order from latest to oldest (#1 is the latest as of 8/28/15, #4 the oldest)

1. IzoT CT - uses IzoT Net Server

    a. Does NOT use Device credits, you need to purchase annual service agreements (1st year included).

    b. Created by installing IzoT Net Sever on an OpenLNS CT PC. You can install IzoT Net Server before or after installing OpenLNS CT.  Note the name in the documentation and application may still say OpenLNS CT.

2. OpenLNS CT -  Does NOT use Device credits, annual service agreements (1st year included).  Uses OpenLNS Server.

3. LonMaker Turbo (3.24) - Uses Device credits. Uses LNS Turbo (3.27+).

4. LonMaker (3.13) - Uses Device credits. Uses LNS (3.08)

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