Visio 2016 Cannot Start IzoT CT (KB1354)

There are a couple known reasons that Visio 2016 will report "Cannot start IzoT CT". One reason is that the Visio Option "Enable Automation events" may be unchecked.

Close CT or Visio 2016. Open Visio 2016 directly (not through IzoT CT).  Click the “File” Menu (you may need to create a Blank Drawing first before you see the Visio Menus), click “Options” and then “Advanced”.  If the "Enable Automation events" checkbox is unchecked then check and click OK.  Exit Visio and try running CT again.


If you still have issues please see the following KB articles:
1. KB1346 - See #5, Supported Visio 2016 version and required service pack
2.  KB1349 - Visio 2016 Trust Center Settings

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