SmartServer IoT MODBUS device not detected (KB1377)

Adding a MODBUS Device:

1. You first need to import a MODBUS template using CMS Web page Device Types widget 

2. To add a MODBUS device into the SmartServer CMS Web page Device widget you need to use the following format for the Device UID

For RS-485 devices:

    01:<RS-485 index>

For TCP/IP MODBUS Devices:

    02:<ip Address>

 For example: TCP/IP MODBUS device using an IP address of

    CMS Web page UID = 02:

3. If you wish to see MODBUS values or change them then you need to use a Internal LON Device. 


The best way to see if the MODBUS device is detected by the SmartServer is to ssh into the SmartServer (don't use the console port) and issue the following command (Use CTRL-C to abort). 

     mosquitto_sub -v -t glp/0/+/fb/dev/modbus/#

  • If the device shows up but you don't see anything in the CMS Web page then most likely your MODBUS template is incorrect.  
  • If you don't see anything at all then that indicates that the MODBUS device is not available, or has the wrong UID.



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