What is the  IzoT Net Server (OpenLNS Server) Latest Software Version? (KB1375)

The latest IzoT Net Server (previously called (OpenLNS Server) is 4.2 (4.20.018).  If you are using OpenLNS Server than you should upgrade to IzoT Net Server.

You must have a up to date IzoT Net Server Annual Maintenance agreement (first year included with purchase) in order to use the latest software download link below.   

You can determine the IzoT Net Server version by going to the Windows Control Panel "Programs and Features" and looking at "Echelon IzoT Network Services Server". 

If you have Echelon OpenLNS Server 4.00 (4.00.182) then we highly recommend you upgrade to IzoT Net Server as the Datababase Validator tool has a bug in it that can corrupt your database.  If the IzoT Net Server Annual Maintenance is up to date then update to the latest IzoT Net Server.

If the OpenLNS Server Annual Maintenance agreement has expired than upgrade to at least IzoT Net Server 4.0 (4.02.028) provided below. 


IzoT Net Server versions:

Name Version Number Date
OpenLNS Server 4.0 4.00.182 January 2013
IzoT Net Server 4.0 4.02.028 August 2014
IzoT Net Server 4.2 4.20.018 March 2019

Before upgrading to IzoT Net Server:

  1. Read the IzoT Net Server Readme
  2. Optionally Backup your IzoT Net Server networks - this isn't necessary but is good idea


IzoT Net Server 4.20 U1 (4.20.018):



Older versions:

IzoT Net Server 4.0 (4.02.028):


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